You have a website...   You have a Paypal account...   Now what...?

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Choosing a Developer

There are an array of companies out there that offer any of these services, and even off the shelf software you could try to use.  I am much more affordable than a large design company with massive overhead.  And more accessible than any tech support that a software package may or may not have.

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Know Who You Work With

Be careful of offshore development help.   I hear a common tale of woe so often from people who hired an outfit with a "US project manager" at an atractive low per hour development rate.  That one person that knows some English runs a sweatshop of workers who code for a bowl of rice a day. But it takes a month of Sundays to explain what you need to that manager, who then garbles it in translation to his team overseas. They promise free revisions and edits, but it takes too long to get to first base. I've played their game myself and was always astonished at the misunderstanding. There is more than a language barrier, the cultural divide just makes for so many headaches.  Save yourself the aggravation and frustration.
I'm 100% apple pie American.  I hear what you're asking and get what you need.

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