You have a website...   You have a Paypal account...   Now what...?

Paypal Certified Developer

Choosing a Developer

There are an array of companies out there that offer any of these services, and even off the shelf software you could try to use.  I am much more affordable than a large design company with massive overhead.  And more accessible than any tech support that a software package may or may not have.

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Know Who You Work With

Be careful of offshore development help.   I hear a common tale of woe so often from people who hired a "project manager" that promised a "number A-1 quality job".  They send off endless task lists to the project manager who tries to translate the requests for the team back in Mumbai.  There is more than a language barrier, the cultural difference just makes for so many headaches.  He will respond to the task lists with endless excuses.  Save yourself the aggravation and frustration.  I'm 100% apple pie American.  I hear what you're asking and get what you need.

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